Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Lovin'

The past few days have been nothing but rain. Summer thunderstorms are great. I've wanted to sleep with my windows open, but I was afraid I would wake up to puddles.

Taylor and my one year anniversary was June 12th but unfortunately we weren't able to really celebrate. My body decided to get very sick and we spent it in the ER. We mentioned our special day to my nurse and he said, "Hey, at least he's beside you." He is very right.
So although we have a great camera for playing (it's an Olympic digital that can go underwater, handy!) I mentioned also buying a bit nicer Nikon. Not that I am planning on being a serious photographer and buying an SLR, but I wanted a step up so I could really start documenting our life together. Taylor told me he agreed as long as I promised to give him private shoots of him and his many hobbies (surfing, skateboarding, longboarding, every other kind of boarding). So as our anniversary present we bought ourselves the new Nikon P500, which should arrive in the next few days. Stoked!

This blog Live and Enliven has to be my new favorite blog. However, this particular recipe she snagged from Sunday Suppers. A crisp berry limeade.
Or this guy looks pretty refreshing too. Again, courtesy of Live & Enliven. Find the recipe here. It's called the Plantation. Kind of makes you think it should have an aftertaste of dirt. But instead it's a mix of gin, lime juice, Cointreau, and grapefruit juice topped with fresh basil. I can feel my mother in law getting excited about this through the computer screen.
This room is full of lines. I am loving all of these angles. Plus the vase of fresh stems adds a good color touch.

Sweet Piper.



  1. this is cute. i didnt know you blogged. i love mason jars! hope youre feeling better!


  2. Pretty pics. I used Mason jars at Christmas one year. I filled them with cranberries and water, added a floating candle on top. It was simple but pretty.