Sunday, June 19, 2011

Hey June.

My mom, dad, two sisters, brother in law, and niece were all here for a week long beach vacation. And well, of course that was my deadline for making my house spotless.

To be honest, this June in Florida has not been that bad. Yes. It's hot. But it's not as hot as it could be.  Let's hope for July to be just as nice.  Another exciting thing in June, Taylor had his first solo in a T-34. Cannot believe how fast pilot training is going. We will be out of here before we know it!

Inspiration that caught my eye:

I am in love with this kitchen. The butcher block countertops are awesome. I also love that you can see all of the dishes. My mom would go straight to noticing how much of a pain it would be to clean all of the windows, but... It might be worth it.

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