Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Altus: Last month

This weekend we are packing up for the third time in two years. It's been a short three months in Altus, Oklahoma. I've been fortunate enough to have my best friend here for half of the time, and this next assignment for us will be our first one apart since our husband's were commissioned.  Not looking forward to a sad goodbye in two weeks.

Taylor will have his final checkride this Friday in the C-17 and then he will be finished here. It feels like it has gone by incredibly fast, and I'm thankful for that. We are anxious to get to our new home. Come Thanksgiving, I will be spending all of the holidays and the time in between with family. I'm incredibly excited to get some time with our families before we take off for Hawai'i. It will also be nice to have some help while Taylor is gone for SERE (survival and resistance training) in Washington. It won't be as nice living out of suitcases for 5 weeks, but it's worth it.

Our tickets for Hawai'i are bought and now it feels like the move to paradise is very close. Holidays at home, and then we start off the new year on Oahu.  I cannot put into words how excited I am to spend the next three years in Honolulu. It doesn't feel real yet, but it will soon.

Since I had nothing but time here, I picked up a new hobby. Crochet has been a good distraction.  YouTube is a great learning tool everyone! It taught me the basics and now I've become pretty decent.   
 Newborn Pumpkin Beanie
 iPhone Socks
 Mustard Boot Cuffs
 Newborn Tophat Photo Prop
 Newborn Witche's Hat Photo Prop
Levi is seven months old now and the sweetest little boy.  He continues to amaze me every single day. I never knew one little guy could teach me so much.  He is healthy, growing some serious blonde hair, and is on the brink of crawling. I'm not sure I am ready for mobility yet, but soon I won't have a choice.  Levi loves to scoot around and get up on his knees, soon he will learn to coordinate his very chubby limbs and then I will never be able to sit down. It will be exhausting and incredibly fun. 

I love our family. We've been through a busy 2+ years with pilot training, having a baby, moving three times (one "overseas" coming up), more training, and we're excited to 'settle down' as much as a military family can, for three years. I never even had the opportunity to really decorate Levi's nursery because we were moving so close after his arrival. Little things like that get me excited for settling down. 
It's Election Day. I hope everyone voted!

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